Citizend Token Launch Platform

A Polkadot-native token launch platform, by and for the community.

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About Citizend

Who we are

Citizend is a Polkadot-native token launch platform backed by a status-free community that leads the curation of projects to ensure fairness, transparency, and true project value.

What we do

Citizend provides promising projects access to community support and liquidity to help them be successful within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Founding team


Fractal is an identity provider with a vision of bridging the gap between data privacy and data integrity. Fractal builds solutions for onboarding people to Web3 ranging from identity management to the blockchain rails.


Acala is a decentralized finance (DeFi) network powering the aUSD ecosystem.

Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures is a highly connected Web3 accelerator which has been promoting promising projects since 2014. Outlier Ventures provides a variety of services to top projects, including funding, niche expertise, connections to Web3 players, and a series of ‘base camp’ accelerators.


Subvisual is a product development and venture firm with more than a decade of experience. Offering services that span across research, product management, development, and more.


RMRK is a set of Kusama-based standards enabling NFT ‘legos’: NFT features or building blocks which can be iteratively composed and combined to yield complex NFT systems.

Unique Network

Unique Network is a scalable blockchain for marketplaces, games, and dApps with advanced capabilities and limitless potential, built for Polkadot and Kusama.

Citizend community

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Our community members will have the opportunity to support promising projects in the Polkadot ecosystem by voting to decide which projects launch on the platform. The members will govern the launch process by following our innovative one-person, one-vote system. Members who contribute to the DAO by way of voting or staking are rewarded in tokens for participating. Citizend is open to all, the only requirement to join is verifying your identity and holding a minimum amount of $CTND.

Launching projects

Build your community, value and trust by launching on Citizend. Apply and put your project up for a vote via the Citizend auction system. Winners can distribute their tokens on the Citizend platform with immediate access to token liquidity and community support.


Complete the application process.


Pass the relevant KYC and AML checks.


Once approved, promote your project for a DAO members community vote.

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Citizend is the Polkadot launchpad of the future. See our plan.

  • Legal, Compliance, Incorporation
  • Governance & Token Model
  • Citizend MVP Development
  • $CTND Private Sale
  • Community Creation
  • Hiring Foundation Core Team
  • Acala & RMRK Integrations
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • $CTND Community/Public Sale
  • Partnerships & listings (Wallets, Major CEXs, etc.)
  • Marketing and Growth
  • Go Live: Project Voting and IDOs
  • Additional features and Integrations - Unique Network
  • NFT Launch platform

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Help shape the future of the network and learn more about us by chatting with team members and other people in the community.


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